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Bertie Ladies' Georgian Pumps (Black) (1790 - 1820)
Bertie Ladies' Georgian Pumps offer a sturdy and practical solution for late 18th century and early 19th century footwear for ladies.  These slip-on shoes are accurate for c. 1790 - 1820. They feature an all leather upper with a grosgrain...
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Schuyler Ladies' 18th Century Shoes (Black) (1770 - 1820)
Schuyler Ladies' 18th Century Shoes are everything you've dreamed of in a woman's practical, comfortable, hard-wearing 18th century shoe style. If French heels and pointy toes are not for you, we still have you covered with beautiful, accurate 18th century...
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Linden Women's Georgian Boots (Black) (1790 - 1830)
Linden Women's Georgian Boots offer the popular Hessian style tall boot in ladies' sizing. The Lindens are beautiful, fashionable boots styled accurately for c. 1790 - 1820s. While this style of boots was worn by male soldiers and civilians, women...
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