Foot Petals 'Triple Threat' Insert Combo Pack

$22.36 $27.95

Foot Petals Triple Threat inserts are perfectly designed to help you get the perfect fit in your shoes.

The "Triple Threat" pack contains Tip Toes Ball of Foot Cushions, Heavenly Heelz Back of Heel Cushions, and Killer Kushionz 3/4 Insoles. Mix and match for the best fit in your shoes, plus enjoy a nice discount when you purchase the combo pack.


1. Before exposing adhesive, test the placement of the inserts in your shoes. Find the position that cushions best and check for fit.

2. Make sure shoe interior is clean and dry.

3. Remove adhesive backing from the inserts and position them carefully into place.

Note: The adhesive is permanent. Inserts should not be removed and reused.

Made in the USA