Keckley Women's Victorian Side-Lace Boots (Black/Black)


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Keckley Victorian Side-Lace Boots are the go-to footwear choice for ladies of the late Regency and 1820s through the 1860s.

We've named these versatile and attractive Victorian boots for Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley, dressmaker and friend to Mary Todd Lincoln. Enslaved until she was 37, Keckley bought her freedom in 1855 and went on to become a successful and influential seamstress, author, and civil activist. 

This popular style of Victorian ankle boot is made of a refined yet sturdy cotton sateen upper foxed with smooth calf leather on the toes and heels. The side-lace closure, unique to this period, makes it easy to get your boots on and adjusted just as you like. Wear Keckley Victorian boots for both day and evening dress, outdoor or indoor events, or with modern outfits for a secret nod to the past. 

Materials & Sizing

  • Hand sewn cotton sateen and 100% calf leather upper
  • Soles are 100% leather
  • Lined in cotton with leather insoles
  • Shaft measures 4.25 in / 10.5 cm.
  • Keckleys do not have toe boxes - this is historically correct construction, but ladies desiring a little more room in the toes should order a half-size larger.
  • Left and Right lasted.
  • B width - ladies needing a "C" width fitting should order a half-size larger.


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Regular (B) width 


Size Chart
Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart US, Euro, UK, Inches & Mondopoint


Color Black/Black
Upper Cotton Sateen and Calf Leather
Lining Cotton Pigskin leather
Sole Leather
Heel Stacked Leather
Heel Height Flat
Footbed Lightly Padded
Closure Side-Lace
Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials People's Republic of China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I now have these in red, olive green, and grey. I’d buy them in more colors if they had them. I’m a Civil War reenactor and people seeing me wear these instantly know I’m wearing period shoes. I wear an 8 or 8.5 but I bought them in size 10 and added in Skechers insoles. I stand ALL day talking to people and my feet don’t hurt. I was worried about a clown-shoe effect buying so large but that wasn’t a problem at all. I have worn the red pair for years and they are still in great condition. They hold up to heavy wear. I wear them outside mostly. I do not like wearing them on carpeting as the smooth flat soles are too slippery (non-skid could be added but I don’t, as people look at my shoes closely). I have very small ankles and tie them to their smallest. They do take longer to put on than my button boots. The picture is of a dressing demonstration. AD please add more colors!!! Blues!

Ari Cali
I wish I could say something better

I really liked these, at first, but now I find that they pinch my toes and I can only wear them for about an hour.

Hi Ari,

It sounds like you may have gotten a size a touch too small, but if you contact our customer service team at they'll be happy to offer advice to hopefully have your shoes fit a bit better for you!

Trudi Cooper
Keckley Women's Victorian Side-Lace Boots

I debated for ages whether or not to buy these boots, as one of my feet is wider than the other and I have issues with numb toes as a result of too tight shoes on that foot and I wouldn't even have a chance to try these on first! But I took the plunge and bought a pair and got them a full size up after reading the other reviews re sizing.

So, these are hands down the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. As a result of sizing up my thick stockings fit with the boots comfortably and the boot materials are very soft and supple and I cannot overstate how comfortable they are! Yes they take a few mintues to lace up but they look and feel divine!!!

Mine are the green/black boots, and I guess now I will have to save up for the grey/black ones :)

More comfy than my sneakers

These absolute beauties are so comfortable! I did add an insert, but that's because I have flat feet and need them in all shoes. I've stood up and cooked all day in these, and the only foot weariness I had was a normal "I've been standing for six hours, and I'm not exactly used to that" kind. I can't speak yet to how well they wear in the long run, but I spend two to three days per week in these at work, and so far they're doing well! Do take care about them being a bit slippery though; I have scuffed and scuffed them and I still sometimes slide occasionally. Apart from that, they're gorgeous, comfortable, and fit like a dream. I would never say no to more 18th and 19th century flat styles!

Cute, trim fit

First and foremost, as the other review said, consider sizing up a half size. They are a close fit in my normal size but have broken in well. I was surprised how well they fit in my ankle given I have narrow ankles but I was able to lace it to a nice close fit. I would say if you have thick ankles probably skip this style.

Also for just the day to day wear aspect, plan to put them on and not take them off until the end of the day. If you know you're going to visit somewhere you'll need to take your shoes off these aren't the ones for that day. They aren't hard to do up, they just take some time.