General Fitment and Sizing Advice

All of our shoes are made in standard US sizes. In the US, women’s standard width is a B, and men’s standard width is a D.

Please note that we do not recommend choosing your size by measuring your foot! Instead, we find it's best to choose the size you MOST commonly wear in heels or dress shoes. 

Heels and dress shoes often fit differently than athletic shoes, hiking or work boots, sandals, etc. Heels and dress shoes are generally designed to fit closer to the foot and do not tend to have thick padding or a loose fit. 

If you have questions about wide or narrow fitting, please see here

If you don’t typically wear US sizes, please consult our size conversion charts below to convert your usual size.

Feet are complex 3D objects, and we know it can sometimes be tricky to get a perfect fit the first time. If your first pair doesn’t fit quite right, feel free to reach out to our customer service team - we’re happy to give you more customized advice once we know how that particular shoe feels on your foot!

We understand ordering shoes online without trying them on first may feel risky, which is why we have a very easy returns and exchanges process for shoes that are in their original, unworn condition. Please be sure to try your shoes on a soft carpet or towel to protect them and keep them in returnable condition. 


 Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart


 Men's Shoe Size Conversion Chart



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