Hamilton Men's 18th Century Shoes (Black) (1770 - 1820)
Hamilton Men's 18th Century Shoes are the quintessential style of the Geogian period and perfect for all classes and manner of dress for men. These beautiful reproduction shoes would certainly meet with their namesake's approval. The all-leather upper features a...
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Albert Men's Georgian Pumps (Black) (1790 - 1820)
Albert Men's Georgian Pumps offer an elegant solution to both day and evening attire for a gentleman in need of comfortable, stylish footwear. These slip-on shoes are accurate for c. 1790 - 1820. They feature an all-leather upper with a...
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Hessian Men's Georgian Boots (Black) (1790 - 1830)
Hessian Men's Georgian Boots offer all the style and glory of fashionable tall men's footwear of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. These boots are perfect for French Revolution and Directoire, American Federalist period, the Regency period, and early...
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