• Bernadette and Gibson shoes ordered in August or September were delayed due to pandemic and holiday related impacts on international shipments have arrived with us and will be shipping to customers between January 13th and 22nd.
  • Tango boots are also delayed, and will be arriving later in January
  • Pre-orders placed in October until now are expected to ship, on schedule, in February

    This page was last updated January 12th, 2021


Bernadette and Gibson (August/September orders)

Unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, we have experienced some significant production delays due to the effects of the pandemic on our supply chain. These have included:

  • Protecting the health of everyone involved in the production of your shoes
  • Government restrictions on the number of employees allowed in our factory at any one time
  • Lock downs, stay in place orders, and night time curfews preventing additional shifts at the factory
  • Impacts on our leather suppliers and shoe component supply chain
  • Low availability of air freight to move complete goods to the USA
  • The Holidays
  • Winter storm disruption in the Sierra Nevada impacting the final transit to our warehouse in Reno

2020 has been a doozy!

The good news is that the Bernadette and Gibson have arrived and are shipping out to customers. We expect to have completed the picking/packing/shipping of your orders by January 22nd.

Thanks for your patience and understanding, they're coming soon!

Tango (August/September orders)

As above, but Tango was impacted more severely by leather supply chain issues and is running a little later than the Bernadette and Gibson styles. We're currently waiting on the completion of the manufacturing process and we're hoping to have them ship to us in the very near future.

It is looking like this will be in the 3rd/4th week of January at the earliest.

We will continue to update this page as we receive more information.

Pre-orders placed in October - now

Our other manufacturing operations are currently on schedule for shipment out to customers in February. Should this schedule change, we will post updates on the page as well as social media.

We regularly email customers that have opted-into notifications with updates relating to the progress of their pre-orders. If you have opted-out of notification emails then we recommend that you check our Facebook page for the latest updates.

If you have an questions, or need assistance in making adjustments to an existing order, or need to cancel a late order then please contact us!

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