Angelus Professional Shoe Stretch


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Angelus Shoe Stretch Made in USAis specially formulated to stretch tight shoes and boots. It's easy to use, just spray the conditioner onto your leather, suede, linen, or canvas shoes (or boots), and it will stretch them while you walk!

4 fl. oz /180 ml Pump Spray

Domestic USA orders only. Angelus Leather Professional Shoe Stretch cannot be shipped internationally.



We strongly recommend that you test on a small unseen area prior to overall use.

For stretching:
Shake bottle.

Spray freely INSIDE the shoe onto the area to be stretched, and allow to penetrate.

Stretch as much as desired.

If she is extremely tight apply Angelus Professional Shoe Stretch a second time, saturating portion to be stretched.

The shoe may be stretched while being worn by spraying shoes and then walking.

When dry, polish to a high gloss with Angelus Shoe Wax Polish.

Cleaning Patent Leather:

Spray lightly over the entire surface.

Wipe clean with a soft cloth.

Suede And Nu-buck Cleaning (except white):

Brush off excess dirt and dust, and raise the nap with a suede brush.

Spray lightly and evenly over the entire surface, do not saturate.

Wipe gently with a soft clean cloth.

When dry, brush up the nap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rebecca Augustine
It REALLY Works!

Combined with the pink shoe stretchers (with black "appliance bumps"), my expensive silver flats that were being so hard to "break in" are now so much more comfortable!

Angelus review

This is a genius product! I end up using the spray on all my leather shoes to help mould and shape the shoes to my feet. This has been a life saver for that otherwise amazing pair of shoes that fits perfectly on one foot but is slightly snug on the other or shoes that rub too hard around the rim (the topline) or rub unpleasantly at the heel or simply as a short cut that makes the breaking-in process shorter and less uncomfortable. I like to use use the spray, following the directions, the first 2-4 times I wear the shoes, usually just around the house for 30 minutes or so, or until they have stretched sufficiently to be the perfect fit. The first 1-2 times I use the spray all over then I just target the specific spots, if any, that need more help. Definitely a handy product I make sure to always have on hand!

Angelus review

I used this on a pair of 1930s shoes that were uncomfortably narrow. I sprayed them generously then wore the shoes with some fuzzy socks, and it worked great! They fit perfectly. ~

Angelus review

Why did I waste my time and money going to the cobbler to stretch shoes? This worked instantly!

Lauren S
Angelus review

I used this product on a pair of Tavistock boots which, when I bought them, were so tight that I physically could not button up the top two buttons on the boots no matter how hard I tried. I doused my boots and stretched them as per the included instructions two/three times, and now I can get my boots buttoned all the way up with minimal fuss. I will probably use it one last time on a certain part of the boot toward the ankle that I feel pinches, but otherwise it's worked very well and I'm exceedingly happy.