Boot and Shoe Buttons


Sold in sets of 6 buttons. Boot and shoe buttons are handy to have when wearing Victorian or Edwardian footwear. The fashionable fastening for ladies' shoes of the 19th and early 20th century, boot and shoe buttons commonly needed replacing.

We offer two styles of buttons - the flatter style with a pin in the center are featured on many of our older styles, while the rounder ball style are on our newest releases. Both are made from a strong steel wire shank with a hard plastic top and are designed to work with all of our Victorian and Edwardian footwear.

Purchase extra buttons to replace those on your Victorian button boots and Edwardian shoes as needed, or even to change the color/style of your buttons. Our boot and shoe buttons also make excellent bodice buttons. 

Flat disk style - 11mm / 7/16" diameter.

Ball style - 9mm / 3/8" diameter 



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