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This classic American Duchess 18th century style is now available in D-width! 

Kensington 18th century shoes offer all the sensibility of hard-wearing camp shoes, but are also lovely to look at and comfortable to wear. 

Featuring our custom made French heels, and hand-sewn pointed toes, Kensingtons exhibit all the trademarks of shoes historically accurate for the American Colonial period, particularly the Revolutionary War years.

Why sacrifice style for practicality when you can have both? Dress your Kensies up with glittery paste buckles, or dress them down with a simpler buckle design (see latchet sizing information below). Whichever class you represent, camp follower to aristocrat, your feet will be as well-dressed as the rest of you.

Kensington do not come with buckles, but you can find our 18th-century shoe buckles in the accessories section. Please read our Buckle fitting instructions or watch our shoe buckle fitting video for more information.


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Wide (D) width 
Size Chart
Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart US, Euro, UK, Inches & Mondopoint


Color Forest Green
Upper 100% leather
Lining Leather
Sole Sealed leather
Heel Custom French heels, leather covered
Heel Height 1.75 inch / 4.4 cm
Latchets 1.3" / 3.3 cm wide, will fit all American Duchess buckles
Footbed Lightly padded
Closure Latchets

Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials China
Assembly Made in China

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Good purchase

I am happy with the authenticity of my shoes, I bought plain buckles at the fabric shop for them as yours are very fancy for my needs. I would suggest adding some extra padding to the shoes to make them more comfortable. I am in pain at the end of three hours of volunteering at our site, with gel insoles.