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Follies Theatrical T-Strap (Black)
Follies Theatrical T-Strap Shoes are a perfect fit for a t-strap character shoe with that perfect vintage style. Our first, classic offering of t-strap character shoes come in black or tan and feature our comfortable 2.5 inch Spanish heel, perfectly...
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Bernhardt Theatrical Boots (Black)
Bernhardt Theatrical Boots are our gorgeous Victorian style dance boots made for theater and dance.  The Bernhardt Boots feature an all-leather upper and padded textile lining. These beautiful boots close with a inside zipper but also come with elastic laces...
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Garrick Theatrical 18th Century Shoes (Black)
Garrick Theatrical 18th Century Shoes offer all the styling of reproduction 18th century shoes but in a fabulous quick-change design. From the outside, Garricks are nearly indistinguishable for any of our other reproduction 18th century shoes. On the inside, though,...
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