Bertie Ladies' Regency Pumps (Black)


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Bertie Ladies' Georgian Pumps offer a sturdy and practical solution for late 18th century and early 19th century Regency footwear for ladies. 

These slip-on shoes are accurate for c. 1790 - 1820. They feature an all leather upper with bound edges and a grosgrain ribbon tie on the vamp. The lining and soling are both leather, with the edges of the sole and stacked leather heel blacked. These beautiful shoes have a rounded toe and can be worn with daywear for women, perfect for Jane Austen, Napoleonic Era, War of 1812, and other Regency events.

Materials & Sizing

  • Uppers are 100% calf leather
  • Short 0.5 in / 1.3 cm common sense heel
  • 100% leather sole with sealer for durability
  • Bound edges and grosgrain ribbon tie
  • Leather lining and insole with light padding
  • "B" width (women's average)
  • Runs true to size for most customers.
  • Order a half-size larger for wide-width feet, or if you prefer your shoes to fit more loosely, or intend to wear with thicker stockings.


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Regular (B) width 
Size Chart
Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart US, Euro, UK, Inches & Mondopoint


Color Black
Upper 100% Calf Leather
Lining Pigskin leather
Sole Leather
Heel Leather Covered
Heel Height 0.5 inch / 1.27 cm
Footbed Lightly Padded
Closure Tie
Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials People's Republic of China
Assembly Made in China

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Dennice Graef

Love this company

Too Much Difference Between Sizes, Heels Slip Off

I am, unfortunately, in between sizes with this style. The 7 fits like a glove, but once I start walking in them they get too tight. The 7.5, on the other hand is quite a bit too big in both length and width. I will have to wear thick socks just to keep my feet from slipping around inside them. The real problem though is that the heels slip completely off and just flap around when I walk, even when I tried wearing thicker socks and putting in insoles to help fill in the space. I will try heel grips next but I am not sure it will be enough. It is a shame because they are very cute shoes and would be great for historical AND everyday wear if they fit better.

Cecelia Krajci
Oh so cute and comfy, but oh the blisters

(I usually wear 9W/9.5/9.5W.) Initially, they were snug enough I couldn't wear socks, so I stretched them using a shoe-stretcher and stretching spray, now they are a much better fit. They are comfy and great overall flat.

The only downside is that the heel blisters are probably the worst I've ever gotten. I went for a walk with a friend thinking, "I've been wearing them at work for a few months, and their so comfy, so it's probably fine." I now have open-wound joker smiles across the backs of my ankles (and the inner leather is soaked). The heel leather just isn't softening much, even after like a 100+ hours of wear at work, shopping, around the house, etc.

To be fair, I've purchased 3 pairs of American Duchess Shoes, and the leather is super hard on all of them. I've had no problems with the Claire shoes, since they lace-up and hug the foot. The Hazel shoes have the same problem as the Bertie shoes. (But I apparently forgot how to walk in heels during the pandemic, so I rarely wear them.)

I'm waiting on purchased products to cushion the heels, so IDK if that will be helpful or not.

Leah W.
Gorgeous, Not Good For Wide Feet

So, here's the thing about wide feet, I've never had much luck with these types of shoes. They usually hurt my heels or my toes. With the Berties, I realized what it truly means to have wide feet. It means you wear bigger shoes to accommodate your wider girth, but you sacrifice a snug fit in the heel. My heel slipped off completely, so I went down a half size (8.5 to 8). They fit snug enough, but now I sacrifice wiggle room in the toes because the shoes are officially too small. On top of that, my heels still hurt anyways because I'm sure my heels were meant for an even smaller size. There is no happy medium for low vamp shoes and wide feet; you either get good fit in the toes, but walk duck footed to keep them on, or keep them on but have your toes squished. Without heel cushions, these caused blisters after just walking a block. With them, they are not painful, but not fully comfortable either. I own 8, and soon to be 9, pairs of AD shoes. Despite the Berties being the lowest heeled shoes in my collection, I can wear these for the shortest period of time. I call these my "Problem Child" shoes. If ever wide sizes become an option, I highly recommend starting with the Berties, other low vamp shoes, and point-toed shoes. As these would be the styles needed the most. Aside from the obvious fit issues, these are gorgeous shoes, have accurate colors and reenforced seams. Ultimately, the production quality is high and more refined from previous shoes that I have in my collection.

Bertie review

These shoes fit perfectly for me (9.5). They're a great addition to my wardrobe that I will love for years and year to come. I'm so excited to have a high quality pair of classic black flats and to graduate from cheap shoes that wear out after only a season.