Daisy Women's Embroidered T-Straps (Green)

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As hemlines rose in the 1920s, flashy footwear was all the rage, and the Daisy Embroidered T-Strap heels are just the ticket. Made in luminous satin heavily embroidered in a gorgeous botanical design, the Daisy T-Strap Shoes are closely based on an original pair in Bata Shoe Museum. These gorgeous shoes are accurate for the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, and offer our refined and stable 2.5 in / 6.3 cm Spanish heel paired with open sides and an almond toe.

Wear Daisy embroidered 1920s shoes with any glamorous dress of the Art Deco period, or pair with modern attire for a bold statement. The leather soles and well-balanced, not-too-high heel make Daisies the perfect dance shoes for all-night comfort and fun.

The Daisy Embroidered T-Straps are designed in collaboration with the Bata Shoe Museum. Every pair of shoes from the In Bloom collection benefits and supports The Bata Shoe Museum in their study, outreach, and conservation.

Though the antiques were made in silk, our shoes are made in a durable and cleanable polyester satin, the ideal choice for footwear built to last. Spritz your shoes with Angelus Water & Stain Repellent to keep them in good condition and looking swell.



Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Regular (B) width 
Size Chart
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Color Green
Upper Polyester Satin
Lining Pigskin leather
Sole Leather
Heel Satin Covered
Heel Height 2.5 inch / 6.35 cm
Footbed Lightly Padded
Closure Strap with Button
Design Based on an original in the Bata Shoe Museum
Materials People's Republic of China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mademoiselle Katie
Absolutely Beautiful

This was my very first purchase from American Duchess shoes and I am beyond happy with my decision. Being an avid historical costumer and collector, I have wanted a pair of American Duchess shoes for awhile and finally got these as a college graduation gift to myself. These shoes are not only comfortable, but beautifully crafted from the leather to the satin to the embroidery. They even make you feel guilty wearing them outside because of their beauty. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone seeking a vintage, yet formal shoe for church, outings or weddings. They are durable enough for walking and the heel is a perfect height. The coloring is beautiful and goes with almost any spring/summer dress. I am so pleased with this purchase and look forward to owning another pair of American Duchess shoes when I am able!

Malinda McCullough
Beautiful Shoes!

Very pretty and received many compliments.
Go 1/2 size bigger to accommodate your toes since they are a little tight across .
The button is difficult to fasten and I had to really work the opening with a Bobby pin to open it up so the button would go through it.

We do recommend using a button hook for all our button shoes, even if the shoes only have one button like the Daisy. You can find our button hooks and a video on how to use them to easily button our shoes here: https://www.americanduchess.com/collections/historical-footwear-accessories/products/reproduction-victorian-button-hook

Sarah Feagan
Gorgeous shoes, But Overall Fit May Need Work

These are my dream shoes! They're beautifully made and have the perfect heel height to look elegant without straining or hurting my feet. The embroidery is stunningly intricate, the colors are vibrant and look exactly like they appear in the photos. I adore them and am so glad I bought them.
However, my one critique is that even though I followed the advice of other reviews and ordered a half-size up (10.5 instead of my usual 10), they were still painfully tight at the toes. American Duchess has a super easy exchange process, so I exchanged them for an 11 and they arrived in only two days. Excellent customer service.
The toes do fit properly now, but the ankle strap is a little over a finger-width loose, so I will need to move the button. AD shoes usually fit perfectly, so keep in mind the apparent size discrepancy mentioned in other reviews if you order these!

We're so glad you like them! We'd generally strongly suggest against going up a whole size, though, as our data shows that the vast majority of people who do so end up returning the shoes as too large.

Instead, if you find you have a fit issue, we suggest reaching out to us at info@americanduchess.com for expert advice first! We can help differentiate between the feeling of toes that are squished because of a too small shoe vs different issues that can cause a similar feeling. From your description and from this photo these look like you ended up with a size too large, which can cause other issues!

Meghan Shaltes

And so comfortable! I already want them in every single color

So gorgeous

I ordered these as soon as I saw them on presale (and I was so excited I made a matching dress while I waited!) I'm still figuring out my American Duchess (and my heel) size, and this shoe fit perfectly in some places and was a bit large or a bit small in others. One complaint I have is that the strap is too large for my foot where it buckles. Hopefully some heel inserts will help solve this problem, but I would have really loved if the straps had 2 adjustable sizes.

Hi Mic,

You can move the button to help customize the fit of the strap, you can find instructions on how to do that here: https://www.americanduchess.com/pages/how-to-move-shoe-boot-buttons

The American Duchess Team