Shoe Stretchers

Size Guide

Shoe Stretchers are the quickest and most effective way to stretch real leather shoes for width to achieve perfect fit for your unique feet. 

It's easy to use these shoe stretchers and work both shoes in your pair at the same time. Simply spray Shoe Stretch Spray liberally inside your shoes, insert the stretcher, screw the heel form into place, then twist the metal hook to expand. Allow the shoes to stay on the forms overnight, then remove the shoe stretchers and try your freshly stretched shoes on for fit. Repeat as needed.

Our shoe stretchers come in two different sizes - small or large - covering a broad range of men's and women's shoe sizing. Each stretcher comes with an instep pad and four nubs that may be placed as needed to stretch your shoes in specific areas around the toes or on the top of the foot.

Small (pink)
Women's USA Shoe Size 5.5 - 10
Men's USA Shoe Size 6 - 8.5 (narrow)

Large (yellow)
Women's USA Shoe Size 10 - 13 (wide)
Men's USA Shoe Size 8.5 - 12.5

Shoe Stretchers are sold in pairs.


Customer Reviews

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Workable option with some limitation

These work for widening shoes but have some limitations for specific foot issues.. The description mentions an instep pad and 4 nubs that could be placed on either side or top of the foot. Mine (pink), did not come with holes on the top for placing the nubs, so if you have thick toes and prone to pressure on the big toenail, for example, you'll have to figure out a work around. If you have bunions or other side protruberances, then these should help a lot.

Also, be mindful that this style is designed for shoes not for boots (straight screw rod sticks straight back). Used them to widen Larkspurs. Had to fold down the shaft at the back. How well it works on other booties will depend on flexibility of the shaft. It was challenging to get them into proper placement. Might be harder with smaller shoes sizes (mine are 7-7.5) but easier with larger sizes. (Also more practice helps. ;-) )

The low profile instep pad also makes them more suitable for lower heeled shoes. Haven't tried them on my 2" heels yet (Gibsons, Bernadettes, Londoners) but looks doable. The instep pad may not fit the profile curve of 3" heels.

Overall, these are a viable option if you routinely have to stretch shoes and don't want the hassle of going to shop repair guy.

This works!

My feet are very wide at the metatarsals from bunions and arthritis. But I bought a set of the pink stretchers, read the online instructions offered by American Duchess and now all of my shoes fit me!