Paris Women's Boots Wide (Tan/Brown)

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One of our most popular boots of all time is now available in D-width!

Step into the Paris of the past in a gorgeous pair of Paris Boots. These incredible lace-up boots are direct reproductions of an original pair of Edwardian boots in our collection. They feature an almond-shaped toe with a sturdy sole and adjustable lace-up closure, paired with our attractive 1.6 inch / 4 cm Cuban heel.

Paris Boots are your all-day walking footwear for any occasion. Pair them with historic clothing of the 1890s, Edwardian and Great War periods, 1920s, and even 1930s and 1940s. So versatile is the Paris design that they'll look super cute with outfits both historical and modern.

As a lace-up boot, Paris Boots are very adjustable for a wide variety of ankle and instep measurements. The top of the Paris boots does not extend to the widest part of the calf muscle. 


Size Trends Runs true to size for most customers.
Width Wide (D) width 
Top Measurement 9.25 - 12.5 inch / 23.5 - 31.75 cm (based on a size 8)
Ankle Measurement 9.5 - 12 inch / 24 - 30.8 cm (based on a size 8)
Shaft Measurement 6 inch / 15.2 cm (based on a size 8)
Tongue Measurement 3.5 inch / 8.9 cm wide (based on a size 8)

Size Chart
Women's Shoe Size Conversion Chart US, Euro, UK, Inches & Mondopoint


Color Tan & Brown
Upper 100% leather
Lining Cotton and leather
Sole Sealed leather
Heel Cuban heel, leather veneer w/ stacked look
Heel Height 1.6 inch / 4 cm
Footbed Lightly padded
Closure Lace-up

Design Designed in Reno, Nevada, USA
Materials China
Assembly Made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Alex B.
Still Gorgeous

This is my 5th pair of the Paris boot, as with the others they are drop dead gorgeous! (Thank you Wide Widths!) The Burgundy is very rich and the leather gives off a very fine sheen, the leather feels firm but its a good firm and will likely soften up with use. Under the right light these boots will make a statement when you strut into the room!

Adorable, fit, and fun

The shoes came promptly after notification of them being in stock at the warehouse. The wide fit was perfect for me and I have been wearing them almost everyday for the last two weeks. They feel great to walk around in and the suede has a noce finish.

Suzanne Moroni

Gorgeous boots! I've never spent so much on shoes but these really called out to me. Very comfortable and well made. Highly recommend.

Kristin Stonham
Nigh Unto Perfection

I live my life in Reeboks, so I was a bit apprehensive purchasing a pricey pair of boots without even the ability to try them on beforehand. I should not have worried! The 9.5W, the exact same size I wear in trainers, fit like a glove straight out of the box! The heel, which had concerned me given that I haven't worn any shoe with any sort of heel for more than a decade, is perfect and immensely stable. And even without the arch supports that I need for running shoes and sandals, I had no problem walking around in these shoes for several hours.

My only criticism is that I have very thick calves, so at the top of the boot, the tongue barely meets the sides of the boot to give full coverage. A slightly tongue that widened slightly more would have made the boots work even better for me. But I am well aware that I am an anomaly in that regard, and will happily be making further American Duchess purchases in the future.

I love them so much!!!

These boots are gorgeous and super comfy. And the smell, oh the wonderful smell of good leather that these shoes have. I ordered these to be worn as my wedding day shoes and they're going to look perfect with my dress. Definitely use your dress shoes as a reference point for sizing. I still went up half a size just to be safe and I don't regret it. I wear a 9.5 in tennis shoes and ordered a 10W and that fit wonderfully for me. The price is a little painful but these shoes are worth it.