Fleur 18th Century Shoe Buckles (Rainbow)

$37.60 $47.00

Let's have a little fun with our historical costumes. Dress your 18th century shoes with Fleur rhinestone buckles in *rainbow* plating. These amazing, limited release shoe buckles sparkle with glass teardrop-shaped rhinestones nestled in a subtle iridescent metallic rainbow frame.

Fleur rhinestone shoe buckles are closely based on antique 18th century shoe buckles and are the perfect accessory to keep the latchets on your 18th century shoes closed.  The design is accurate but the rainbow plating is, naturally, modern.

Add that extra sparkle to your outfit and keep your shoes fastened in the most historically accurate and beautiful way.

  • Fleur 18th Century Shoe Buckles are solid cast, nickel-plated white brass
  • Clear, high-grade, glass rhinestones are set into an authentic Georgian floral design
  • Chape and Tongue function - the only proper, historical way to keep latchet shoes fastened
  • Domed design curves with the top of your shoes
  • Fleur 18th Century Shoe Buckles measure approximately 2.5" x 1.75" and fit a 1"-1 1/4" width latchet (depending on the stiffness of the latchet material)
  • Fleur 18th Century Shoe Buckles are interchangeable with Dauphine and Trianon styles. 
  • Made and sold exclusively by American Duchess.

*Shoe buckles are sold in pairs, above price is for one pair.

Need help fitting 18th century buckles?

Check out our nifty guide on How to Fit Shoe Buckles, or watch the video below: